Our History

Guinness Hermitage was created in April 2007 with the amalgamation of the Parchment Group, Kennet Housing Society, Guinness Housing Association and the Guinness Trust West region.

The Guinness Hermitage timeline


Edward Cecil Guinness, great grandson of the founder of the Guinness Brewery gave £250,000 to set up The Guinness Trust.  The first weekly rents were 6p for one room, but they didn’t have bathrooms or kitchens.


In the 1970s The Guinness Trust started to work outside London and started building the properties in the west that are now part of Guinness Hermitage.


Hermitage Housing began operating, following a stock transfer from Havant Borough Council.


Kennet Housing Association was established.

The Parchment Group is created, incorporating Hermitage Housing, Hermitage Care and Gorseway Care.


The Parchment Group joins the Guinness Trust Group.


Guinness Hermitage is created and the Guinness Trust Group becomes The Guinness Partnership to signify the development of the organisation.


From 2002 - 2009 we went from 20,000 – 60,000 homes, representing a 300% growth.


Gloucestershire Housing Association joined Guinness Hermitage adding a further 3,600 homes to the portfolio.

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