Our future plans

The world around us is changing, with social rent cuts, funding pressures on social care and welfare reform. So we’ve got to be even more efficient to keep delivering new homes and good services.

Stonehouse Arena, Plymouth

Our vision

We define ourselves as a customer service business. Building homes that meet a range of housing need is still fundamental to our purpose, but the experience our housing and care customers have is just as important.

We’ve set some ambitious targets for the future. We want to be an organisation that:

  • is strong, stable and resilient
  • maximises financial capacity to deliver more new homes
  • provides an amazing customer experience
  • is a brilliant place to work.

Our world

Our world has changed significantly over the past year.

Home ownership is a priority for the government. Its decision to cut social housing rents and implement changes to welfare benefits has a big impact on our customers and on us. But we’re committed to delivering more and becoming more efficient.

The UK isn’t building enough homes for current and future households. The reduction in capital subsidies from the government means we need to rely on our own surpluses if we’re going to build these homes.

Public funding and regulatory pressures in the care sector are increasing. Our care business is focused on delivering a quality, ethical service, but continues to operate in a highly competitive market with tight financial margins.

Our strategic objectives

We’re heading into the second year of our strategy – Destination 2018. You can read the full Destination 2018 Strategy and Business plan [pdf]

We want to achieve our vision by:

Making every customer experience amazing every time

  • Always showing our passion for customer service – making sure every customer has an amazing experience of Guinness and making everyone feel important to us.
  • Going further – helping the customers who need more through our tenancy sustainment, affordable warmth and access to work services.
  • Using information intelligently – knowing our customers so we can provide relevant services. Understanding our performance and what drives it, so we can make informed business decisions.

Being a brilliant place to work

  • Fully exploiting technologies – modernising our service offering and our employee experience, and improving communication and productivity.
  • Developing remarkable people – providing the environment, tools and learning opportunities that ensure our people fulfil their potential and grow at Guinness, with a real sense of achievement.
  • A true commitment to diversity and inclusion – encouraging the great ideas that come from our different perspectives and experiences.
  • Talking to each other and our customers – sharing our vision and pursuing it with absolute determination. Having conversations about the things that really matter and helping each other so we solve problems quickly.

Being smart and efficient – so we can invest in new homes

  • Really making the most of our assets – providing the right homes for our customers, now and in the future. Making the right long-term choices about which homes we invest in and which we sell to create funds for investment.
  • Purposeful growth and diversification – investing in activities that generate strong financial returns so we can build more homes.
  • Sharpening our focus – directing our resources and energies at things that make a difference and making sure we have the right skills to do them really well. Taking advantage of opportunities presented by changes in our operating environment, but also deciding what we can’t do any more.
  • Really delivering financial performance and value for money – setting and delivering challenging efficiency targets so that we generate larger surpluses so that we can build more homes.
  • Meeting out legal and regulatory requirements – developing an outstanding record of compliance.

Targets for our vision

We’ve set some ambitious targets for this year. In 2018 we aim to:

  • achieve customer satisfaction of 85%+
  • build 2,000 new homes
  • achieve employee engagement of 90%+
  • deliver an operational margin of 35%+.