Becoming a dementia-
friendly organisation

Our research report – in collaboration with the Institute of Public Care – explained how we are going to work to become a dementia-friendly organisation.

Why being a dementia-friendly organisation matters

We want to make a real difference for our customers living with dementia, helping more of them affected by the condition to remain independent and live in their own homes for longer: we want them to be able to live well with dementia.

Our research indicates that there are likely to be more than 1,000 older people living with dementia among our customers in Guinness homes or receiving care services. We estimate that one third of these are living in our general needs housing.

Read the report: Becoming a dementia-friendly organisation

What did the research tell us?

During the research phase, we surveyed over 200 of our staff, interviewed nearly 20 senior managers, and ran a focus group for customers. They told us that we could do more to be dementia friendly, by providing information and support to staff and customers, making our services more flexible to respond to customers living with dementia and their carers, and how we delivered maintenance and aids and adaptations.

Customers particularly thought that we should prioritise the telecare and assistive technology services we provide, tailoring our maintenance service and improving staff awareness and information provision.

Using the research to shape our organisation

Our plan is to:

  • Test a new approach to delivering services for customers living with dementia in a pilot area where we can be confident that this will have a positive impact for a significant number of customers living with dementia
  • Involve customers and staff in developing the services we offer those living with dementia
  • Identify where we can integrate dementia-friendly measures into existing systems and training programmes
  • Embed practical measures quickly where we can; for example making appropriate adjustments when carrying out planned maintenance projects, and increasing the range of assistive technology we offer.

We were also awarded the Housing and Dementia Award at the International Dementia Awards 2015, for our work on this report.

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