Caterham Barracks,

When building began at Caterham Barracks in Surrey, it was important that residents could contribute ideas to create their new community.

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Calford Seaden

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During the planning stage, over a thousand people attended a community planning weekend, with workshops to ensure young people were involved every step of the way.

Built on a former army barracks, the village is still surrounded by the original barrack’s wall. There is only one road into the village, keeping it peaceful and quiet.

Guinness was chosen as the registered social landlord for Caterham, and we manage 83 affordable rent and 13 shared ownership homes, which were built amongst private homes to create a mixed tenure community.

A community trust was set up to manage the community facilities, which includes a:

  • skate park
  • cricket pitch
  • nature reserve
  • nursing home
  • community farm
  • new bus service.