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We have a range of different homes across England to buy outright or through shared ownership.

Homes at Jubilee Close

Shared ownership

Shared ownership – or part-buy, part-rent – is an affordable way to buy a new home. You buy a share of your home and then pay a reduced rent on the rest of it.

Why choose shared ownership?

It’s a great way to get a foot on the property ladder. The deposit and mortgage you’ll need is smaller than if you bought a house outright. There are other benefits too, including

  • you can normally afford a bigger property than buying 100% of your home
  • you can usually buy more shares until you own 100% of your home
  • your monthly payments could be less than renting privately
  • it’s ideal for first time buyers.

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Private sale houses

We have brand new developments with homes available to buy across England.

Our homes for outright sale

  • Each home is in one of our exciting and unique developments
  • The homes feature  contemporary design, excellent build quality and they’re energy efficient
  • you’ll get a dedicated sales advisor to keep you posted on the progress of your new home as it’s built.

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Visit Guinness Homes to view our beautiful new homes for outright sale.

Buy a home

Visit Guinness Homes to view our beautiful homes for outright sale and shared ownership.

Find your new home
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