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Shared ownership

We develop homes which allow you to buy them in stages. Typically, you can buy initial shares of between 25% and 75% of the full cost of the home and a subsidised rent is charged on the remaining value.

To qualify you should have a household income not exceeding £60,000 (£66,000 in London for homes with less than three bedrooms and £80,000 for homes with three bedrooms and above) and should not own another property. Most lenders will now ask for a deposit of at least 5%.

Some shared ownership schemes are aimed at people over the age of 55, where only a share of up to 75% of the property can be purchased.  No rent is payable on the remaining share when 75% has been purchased.

There is also a shared ownership scheme for people with disabilities, called HOLD (Home Ownership for people with Long-term Disabilities).

For details of all shared ownership properties currently on offer, please visit the Guinness Homes website or call 0300 456 0522.


If you already live in one of our shared ownership homes, we can help you to buy a bigger share of your home, until eventually you own it all. This is called ‘stair-casing’.

If you are interested in buying more of your home visit the Home Owners section for more information.

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