Transfer with Guinness

You can transfer to another Guinness home, if you need a bigger or smaller house, or want to move to a different area.

Due to high demand, we’re not able to accept any new applications to our housing waiting lists. If you’re already a Guinness customer, you can still apply for transfers, or find out about swapping homes with a tenant from another housing association.

Transferring to another affordable home

You can apply to transfer homes if you’re already one of our tenants. You might want to move to a different area, or need a smaller or larger home depending on changing circumstances.

In some areas, the council will decide on allocations, so even though the home you want to move into is owned by Guinness, you may need to apply for it through your local council.

Please call our Customer Contact Centre on 0303 123 1890 and speak to a member of the application team who will be happy to help with transfers.