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When it comes to our services, it’s important that you’re involved in making decisions. There are plenty of ways you can have your say. It just depends how and when you’d like to get involved.

Staff and customers at our service style event
Customers and staff working together to improve our services

Why do we do it?

Our customers are why we’re here. So knowing what matters to you – and what isn’t working so well – helps us improve our services and focus on the things that count.

What’s in it for you?

We’re always reviewing our policies and services to make sure they’re the best they can be. This is your chance to influence those decisions. You’ll help us test out new ideas and improve current services. Find out how you’ve already shaped our services.

You may receive training to help carry out some of the bigger projects. So you’ll develop valuable skills as well as helping us make decisions.

“I can’t praise the course highly enough. I learnt so much, not just from the trainer but also from the other participants.”

When you work with us we’ll reimburse you for any travel or care expenses too, so you won’t be out of pocket.

Let’s find out what you could be doing

We know everyone’s busy and has different amounts of time to give.

Got a little time to spare? From surveys to e-reading panels and focus groups, you’ll help us review new customer policies. This ‘no-strings’ options won’t take up too much time and you can pick and choose what to get involved in. You could also join our online virtual performance review group, which helps us review our quarterly performance information.

Got more time to give? Our active engagement options would be perfect for you. The topics will vary, but you might be joining a project group or our Customer Sounding Board to scrutinise our performance.

Why not apply to join our Service and Performance Committee?

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