Our future plans

The world around us is changing. So we’ve got to be even more efficient to keep delivering new homes and good services.

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Our vision

We were founded in 1890 to improve people’s lives and create possibilities for them. What we’re here for hasn’t changed. We fulfil that purpose, our social purpose, by providing
great homes and services to over 140,000 residents across the country.

Our vision is for Guinness to:

  • Deliver great service
    To be one of the best service providers in the housing sector.
  • Provide great homes
    To provide as many high quality homes as possible, and to play a significant part in tackling the country’s housing crisis.
  • Be a great place to work
    To be one of the best employers in the country.
  • Be a great business
    To be a strong and efficient business that does things well and that people can trust and rely on.

Our world

Across the sector, during and following the pandemic, we have experienced rising costs and shortages of goods, materials and skilled labour, creating challenges in providing some of our services, particularly repairs, and building as many new homes as we want to. The quality of our homes and services is fundamental to our purpose, and we are working hard to address these issues. We continue to focus on supporting our customers through the cost of living crisis, by helping them claim the benefits they are entitled to, and by directly supporting those most in need through our social investment and hardship funds.

We keep investing in improving our organisation and the way we do things. We continuously improve our business processes, we keep investing in technology, and we keep investing in individual and organisational learning, as part of that ongoing journey.

The need for what we do, and the need to do it well, is clear. We want our tenants and residents to be proud to be Guinness customers, and for Guinness to be an organisation that our people love being part of.


Our vision to improve people's lives and create possibilities for them will need:

Great service

  • Listening to our residents so they shape the services we provide, give us feedback, can raise concerns and tell us if we’re getting things wrong. We’ll do this by enabling residents to shape our services and influence our decisions; providing local information about services and performance; implementing and reporting the new RSH Tenant Satisfaction Measures; and resolving complaints fast and learning from them.
  • Knowing our diverse residents and what they need from us so we empower them, provide the right services in the right way and understand how satisfied they are. We’ll conduct a census, make it easy for residents to tell us their needs and preferences so we can engage meaningfully, serve them well, and so we can ensure all our service provision is free from bias.
  • Continuously improving services to residents by making things simpler and easier for them. We’ll do this by seeking and using resident feedback; extending our digital offer so they have more choice; embedding our CRM and developing our offer to homeowners across services and in our communications.
  • Being local so we are visible, accessible and responsive. We’ll do this by embedding our Guinness regions so we are more accountable to stakeholders; piloting regional resident panels so we are more accountable to residents in each region; and developing our Neighbourhoods Strategy to make sure we have visible and accessible local services and plans driven by local needs.
  • Supporting residents and communities. We’ll do this by developing our Housing Strategy to ensure residents have homes that meet their needs; supporting customers to meet their costs of living and sustain tenancies; making sure our service charges reflect the cost of services and are good value for money; maximising our impact on Anti-Social Behaviour; delivering our Social Investment Strategy; reviewing our Housing for Older people service
    offer and being a provider of choice where we deliver Extra Care housing.

Great homes

  • Providing high-quality safe homes. We’ll do this by delivering our Building Safety Action Plan; delivering statutory compliance checks and follow-up actions; delivering planned works so our homes are Decent and free from Category 1 HHSRS hazards; ensuring our homes are warm and comfortable and meet at least EPC-C by 2030; developing and delivering a clear Investment Standard for our homes and identifying places where more substantial investment is needed; repairing and reletting our empty homes faster; continuing to improve our asset data through stock surveys; and extending our use of in-home technology to anticipate and help solve problems.
  • Delivering a good repairs service that is timely and effective. We will do this by delivering our response-time targets for emergency and non-emergency repairs and getting more of our repairs right first time; and minimising the number of Disrepair claims we receive and resolving them more efficiently.
  • Building new homes to meet need and help tackle the housing crisis. We will do this by ensuring we are on track to deliver our Homes England and GLA Strategic Partnership commitments; ensuring the quality and energy efficiency of all our new homes; and delivering more through offsite manufacture and Modern Methods of Construction.
  • Making homes sustainable to ensure the homes we build and own are fit for the long-term and contribute to achieving net-zero carbon. We’ll do this by confirming our carbon baseline and our 5-year carbon reduction plan; implementing a comprehensive programme of sustainability actions driven by our Environment and Sustainability Strategy; and retrofitting existing homes through our Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Wave 1 and Wave 2 programmes.
  • Providing homes for older customers through new extra care housing and improving technology in our existing housing for older people. We’ll do this by identifying and progressing sites for new extra-care development; and continuing our programme of upgrading existing homes for older people, including digital alarms.

A great place to work

  • Creating a great employee experience. We’ll do this by celebrating colleagues’ successes; promoting a culture of saying thank you; investing
    in staff wellbeing; providing a wide range of benefits; and making it easier for colleagues to access people services and learning through technology.
  • Being an open, diverse and inclusive organisation where communication is consistent; everyone knows what is going on; and everyone can contribute their ideas and shape the way we do things. We will do this by continuing to ensure colleagues have a range of ways to share views and ideas; and by delivering our D&I Strategy and Anti-Racism commitments.
  • Creating the professional, skilled and motivated workforce we need now and for the future. We will do this by investing in leadership and management development; piloting a new approach to performance management; using recruitment retention and learning to ensure we have the skills, talent and diversity we need; enhancing our customer service and housing management training; and launching our new Code of Conduct.
  • Creating exciting and fulfilling futures with Guinness – by communicating and embedding our sense of purpose and vision. We will do this by supporting people to grow and progress including through sabbatical and secondment opportunities; and by continuing to review and refine our roles so they are fulfilling and add value to customers and the organisation.
  • Making sure we have the right approaches and work environment to support our people and ways of working. We will do this by ensuring our offices and wider workspaces meet our current and evolving needs; and by continuing to develop our health and safety culture.

A great business

  • Meeting our legal and regulatory requirements and preparing for forthcoming changes, by having a good internal control environment and managing risk well. We will do this by preparing for new RSH and CQC standards; reviewing policies and procedures so we meet all our statutory responsibilities; developing our risk and assurance framework; continuing to develop our cyber risk strategy and implementing our action plan; and ensuring that where services are provided by others (including managing agents and specialist support providers) these are compliant and value for money.
  • Making sure we’re resilient by maintaining our focus on improvement, efficiency, value for money and making best use of our assets. We’ll do this by using Continuous Improvement tools to identify efficiencies and measurable improvements to homes and services; implementing strong transformation governance; protecting our financial resilience so we can keep investing in existing and new homes; completing sales of homes to subsidise building new homes for rent; delivering our procurement programme and enhancing our contract management capability; and maximising returns from non-residential assets in support of our charitable objectives.
  • Raising our profile by promoting Guinness and our social purpose. We will do this by working closely with key stakeholders and engaging with the media to enhance and protect our reputation.
  • Investing in our future including through technology, environmental sustainability, research and innovation. We will do this by implementing sustainability plans for business areas prioritised on energy use and carbon footprint; delivering Year 4 of our IT Roadmap focusing on our core platforms for Human Resource management, Customer Relationship Management, and Asset Management and Repairs; and developing and progressing delivery of our Data and Digital Strategy.
  • Working with others to make the most of our capacity. We will do this by identifying partnership opportunities to grow our business and deliver greater value and social impact; and by identify further opportunities to both consolidate and grow in line with our Footprint Strategy and Asset Management Strategy.

You can find out more about our plans for the future by downloading the Guinness 2025 Strategy.

Targets for our vision

We’ve set ourselves some ambitious targets.

By March 2025 we aim to:.

  • Achieve Tenant Satisfaction of 80%
  • Achieve levels of employee engagement of 85%
  • Complete 5,500 new homes
  • Achieve an operating margin of 25% in the year to March 2025

We deliver much of our maintenance and property services through Guinness Property. This is a separate legal entity, with its own more detailed plans.

We’ll update this strategy periodically over the coming years to ensure it remains relevant and reflects the scale of our ambitions to be a great organisation.