Our future plans

The world around us is changing. So we’ve got to be even more efficient to keep delivering new homes and good services.

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Our vision

We were founded in 1890 to improve people’s lives and create possibilities for them. What we’re here for hasn’t changed. We fulfil that purpose, our social purpose, by providing great homes and services – including care services – to over 140,000 customers across the country.

Our vision is for Guinness to:

  • Deliver great service
    To be one of the best service providers in the housing and care sectors.
  • Provide great homes
    To provide as many high quality homes as possible, and to play a significant part in tackling the country’s housing crisis.
  • Be a great place to work
    To be one of the best employers in the country.
  • Be a great business
    To be a strong and efficient business that does things well and that people can trust and rely on.

Our world

Over the last few years we have invested significantly in our people, systems and technologies and have a really engaged workforce. Going forward we will continue this, focusing on the core services we know matter to our customers, where there is potential to achieve better outcomes.

Part of this is taking our work to map and improve our business processes and data to the next stage, so we are ever more efficient and as informed as possible when making business decisions. Clarity of expectations, strong management of performance, and skill in recruitment will be needed. We will continue to increase professionalisation, technical and management skills, and continue to invest in learning and wellbeing. We are therefore cautiously optimistic, despite there remaining considerable housing market and economic uncertainty both as the Covid-19 pandemic eases and economic uncertainty remains over a post-Brexit.

Our vision to improve people's lives and create possibilities for them will need:

Great service

  • Being a customer service business, working continuously to improve our services and to make things easier for our customers. We’ll give customers more choice and control by offering more services online. Our new customer liaison and estates services will provide customers with face to face contact where that’s needed. We’ll hold our contractors to high standards – we’ll make sure they share our values and deliver great service to our customers.
  • Going further for customers who need more. We’ll do this by investing in tenancy sustainment, financial inclusion, access to work and by providing funds to alleviate extreme hardship.
    We’ll make sure people know we’re here to help if they need a bit more support.
  • Going further for the communities we work in. We’ll maintain our focus on addressing anti-social behaviour and promoting activities which create cohesion – so our communities and neighbourhoods are pleasant and safe places for everyone who lives there. We’ll work with partners to maximise our impact.
  • Knowing our customers. We’ll use appropriate data and insight to anticipate our customers’ needs and preferences, so we can provide relevant services that feel really personal.
  • Ensuring our customers’ voices are clearly heard. We’ll maximise the opportunities for customers to shape the way we do things and the services we provide. We’ll continue to develop the ways in which our customers can give us feedback, raise concerns and tell us if we’re getting things wrong.

Great homes

  • Providing high quality and safe homes that people are proud to live in. We’ll keep investing in our existing homes, maintaining them to a high standard, upgrading them, and ensuring they always meet or exceed building safety requirements. We’ll use smart technology so we know more about how our homes are performing and when work is needed.
  • Making sure our homes are a good standard when people move in. Where empty homes are uneconomic to maintain or no longer meet the needs of customers, or are likely to be obsolete in the near future, we will sell them so we can reinvest the proceeds in improving other homes.
  • Building more new homes. We’ll build 5,500 new homes, including 5,000 affordable homes. We’ll acquire larger sites so we can develop at scale, and we’ll work with partners in our key areas to maximise our capacity.
  • Providing homes for older customers. We’ll develop more extra-care housing that gives customers access to the support they want as they grow older. We’ll offer some of these homes for sale, for people who may already own homes and want to downsize to meet their changing needs. We’ll invest in upgrading our existing housing for older people so that shared spaces are more modern, comfortable and welcoming.

A great place to work

  • Creating a great employee experience, making Guinness a great place to work, learn and succeed. Ensuring our people feel valued, not just by offering a competitive reward and benefits package, but by supporting their growth and learning, and always remembering to say thank you for the contribution they make.
  • Empowering our people by giving them the tools, knowledge and support they need to succeed.
  • Being an open, diverse and inclusive organisation. We’ll promote a culture in which everyone can contribute their ideas and shape the way we do things, by increasing the ways in which people can connected and engage with our vision.
  • Promoting a healthy and happy working environment. We’ll develop our health and wellbeing offer, support our people to work flexibly wherever possible, and keep investing in our workspaces and estate facilities.
  • Embedding the changes we’ve made. We’ll consolidate and build on the work we’ve done over the last three years, providing a period of stability so that our people can invest in an exciting and fulfilling future with Guinness.

A great business

  • Meeting our legal and regulatory requirements. We’ll make sure we have an outstanding compliance record. We’ll make sure we do things in the right way and get things right. We’ll make sure our governance structures and our assurance framework remain fit for purpose and operate effectively.
  • Making sure we’re strong. We’ll maintain our focus on efficiency and value for money, looking for better and more cost-effective ways of doing things. We’ll target an operating margin of at least 28% – getting a balance between what we spend day to day, and what we generate to invest in our homes in the future.
  • Managing risk. We’ll take measured risks, but we’ll make sure we manage risk so that the strength of our organisation is protected for our customers, our staff and those who succeed us.
  • Investing in the future. We’ll invest in research and encourage innovation so our offer to our customers and our people meets future needs as well as today’s. We’ll keep investing in technology to make us more efficient and to make things easier for everyone. We’ll invest in sustainability – in our homes, our fleet, and the way we work.
  • Strengthening our care business to protect its long term viability. We’ll invest in growing our offering to private payers, so we can create new sustainable income streams to support our local authority funded care at home work.
  • Being open to merger opportunities which make the most of our capacity. We’ll partner with organisations who share our values and whose geography complements our own. We’ll also buy homes from other housing associations in areas where we have a strong presence and can provide services efficiently.
  • Being focused. We’ll be focused about what we do, where we operate and where we grow. We’ll concentrate on where we can make the most difference and we’ll work with partners where that improves outcomes.

You can find out more about our plans for the future by downloading the Guinness 2023 Strategy.

Targets for our vision

We’ve set ourselves some ambitious targets.

By March 2025 we aim to:.

  • Achieve Customer Satisfaction of 80%
  • Achieve levels of employee engagement of 85%
  • Complete 5,500 new homes; 5,000 of which will be affordable within our Strategic Partnerships
  • Achieve an operating margin of 30% in the year to March 2025

We deliver much of our maintenance and property services through  Guinness Property. This is a  separate legal entity, with its own more detailed plans.

We’ll update this strategy periodically over the coming years to ensure it remains relevant and reflects the scale of our ambitions to be a great organisation.