Being transparent about our performance

Every three months we update our progress on improving our performance. We’re encouraging you to tell us how you think we’re doing, as well as give us ideas about how else we can really improve.

We’re measuring some things for the first time, so we don’t have results for the last 3 months yet. We’ll have a full set of results soon.

This is how we performed from January – March 2019:

how we are doing Jan-Mar 2019

These key results give you more clarity about what you should hold us accountable for, so that together we can create an honest, transparent relationship.

So we can also be clear about how the impact of our work to improve our performance, we also compare our results to the previous quarter. Here you can see how our results measure up to what we achieved in October – December 2018:

how we are doing trends jan-mar 2019


Customer complaints

We want every customer to feel that we are transparent in how we treat them and the way we do business. When we deliver our services and we get it wrong we encourage our customers to tell us so we can do better next time.
This is an overview of what customers have been talking to us about:

Customer complaints stats

Guinness has a dedicated Customer Experience team. Their role is to understand and champion the voice of our customers through customer consultations, monthly satisfaction surveys and identify the root causes of customer complaints to help us improve. They also link this with local knowledge of our neighbourhoods to provide context about issues such as crime, health, and poverty in the areas we operate.

Based on what our customers tell us, the Customer Experience team works with others across Guinness to identify and agree ways we can make our services better and improve our customers’ experience.

In the last 18 months, we’ve created several initiatives that help tackle key issues in areas we’ve received the most complaints or negative feedback. The effect of these initiatives has been a reduction in complaints and an improvement in how we deliver our services to affected customers.

In 2018, these initiatives took place in London, Basingstoke and Brighton. The focus of each initiative was very different: in one case, we improved the general condition of the development and its surroundings; in another, we focussed on security; in another we replaced an outdated communal boiler system.

Monitoring our performance

In 2018 we conducted a full review of our complaints service. We looked closely at our customers’ experience and made changes to how we handle them to make it easier for customers to tell us when we’ve got it wrong and for us to respond more quickly.

We have increased our focus on early escalation to our Heads of Service to help tackle issues more quickly, improved the way we contact our customers to keep them informed, and we now provide service leads with detailed information they can use to identify problems and fix them more quickly.

Our complaints service is regularly assessed by an independent third party, and monthly reports on our performance are provided to our Executive Team to ensure we meet the high standards we set for ourselves.

Tell us what you think

If you have an idea about how we can provide better services or improve the way we do things, let us know.

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