Telecare services

Telecare – or assistive technology – can offer you extra peace of mind. Personal alarms and fall detectors help you stay independent in your own home.

Hand holding one of our telecare pendants

Guinness Lifeline

Guinness Lifeline is a personal alarm button you can use if you fall, feel unwell or are worried about your safety.

A press of the button at any time and we’ll call to help immediately.

Using the telecare equipment

Our Lifeline is quick and easy to install. It comes in two parts.

  1. A small waterproof button worn around the neck, on a belt or on your arm.
  2. A home unit, connected to your landline, so you can talk to our team.

How it works

  • Just press the button and our team will answer immediately.
  • You don’t have to be near the home unit, they can hear you through a powerful microphone.
  • We’ll find out what’s happened and contact a relative or friend or the emergency services.
  • The kit works up to 50 metres away from the home unit, so you can still enjoy your garden.
  • We’ll know who you are and where you’re calling from, so there’s no need to remember any contact details.

Other technology to help

We offer other detectors to go with your alarm. Our technology advisors will find the best telecare services to suit you, including:

  • fall detectors
  • door exit sensors
  • smoke alarms
  • reminders to take medication.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

97% of our customers would recommend our service to a friend and 98% feels it makes a difference to their independence at home.

Guinness Lifeline costs £16 a month, plus any extra equipment.

Give us a call on 0300 123 0705 Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm or email today to find out more.

We’re also  on Twitter at @guinnesscare and on Facebook

I’ve got a few more questions first.

No problem. Our FAQs might help, or you can call us on 0300 123 0705 Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm

Who is Guinness Lifeline for?

Lifeline isn’t just for older people. Many of our customers have a physical disability or worry about security.

It could also help for a short time if you’re recovering from a stay in hospital or an illness.

How is the system installed?

Installation is simple and should take no more than an hour. If you live in the Havant area or in the south west we can install it for you, or will give full instructions if you live elsewhere.

What do I need?

  • A working phone line and an electrical point nearby.
  • Someone who’s happy to be your contact if you sound the alarm.
  • Your personal details: name, address and emergency information, including any medical conditions we need to know about.
  • A key safe or someone nearby who holds a key, like a close neighbour or family member.

What if I no longer need Guinness Lifeline?

That’s fine. You might only need the service for a short time – if you’re recovering from a hospital stay or a short illness.

If you don’t need it any more, you can easily stop the service. Just give us one month’s notice.

Do I need to test the system?

Yes, we recommend doing a test call once a month. Press your button and tell the operator that you’re okay and just checking the equipment.

What happens if I unplug the system?

You must keep the system plugged in and switched on. If there’s a power cut, there’s a built-in battery to keep it working for a few hours.

What if my telephone line isn't working?

It does need a working telephone line. If your phone line goes down, then Lifeline will go down too.

What if my contact details change?

That’s fine, just let us know your new details. It’s important to tell us if you change your details so we can update our records. We’ll keep your details confidential.

What if I go away on holiday?

Just let the call centre know if you’re going away. Place a test call when you leave, and then let them know when you’re home again with another test call.