We believe in supporting people to lead happy and fulfilled lives. Art can enrich lives by improving confidence, self-esteem, and wellbeing.

That’s why every year we hold an arts festival to celebrate the creativity in our communities. It helps our customers discover hidden talents and make new connections.

Celebrating creativity

Over the past few years, we’ve worked with local artists and staff to introduce our customers to the fun of art classes.

The festivals take place over a few months and end in an exhibition of everyone’s work. Past exhibitions have included:

  • photography
  • prints
  • mosaics
  • storytelling
  • audio-visual installations.

Taking time to learn something new

One of our customers who had artwork on display last year was Marion Williams. She said:

“This was a fantastic way to bring us together and help us learn new skills and crafts.”

“It’s a huge help in combating isolation. Some people tend to shut themselves off but if you’re in a group like this, you become a little team. Learning together and helping each other to create something new, it’s been great fun!”

Paul Watson, Managing Director of Guinness Care, said “We want to bring staff, customers, volunteers and artists together. These festivals have built a real sense of community.”

Contact us if you’d like to share your stories.

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“It’s all about getting out, meeting people, and doing something new. As you get older, there’s a danger that you stop learning – people just seem to stop telling you stuff!” Marion Williams