Francesca Pratt from Loughborough Park saw an opportunity to bring together customers of all ages to create a colourful mosaic.

Over 40 customers worked together over three months to design and create a mosaic which was installed on the wall of the new play area.

“Lots of different people worked on it and have created something really rich with different ideas, along with the traditional images of the buildings. The finished artwork is a colourful representation of Loughborough Park today which really brings colour and life to the new play area on the estate.” Francesca, Guinness customer.

Bringing history to life and the community together

The project was a great opportunity to bring the community together to celebrate the history of Guinness and what’s special about their community today.

Working alongside community arts organisation Art4Space, customers combined old photos of the estate with self portraits and images of iconic London buildings to represent the history of the estate. They learned the art of mosaic and created sections of the artwork incorporating their handmade tiles.