The Mansell Street estate has 194 homes and was originally built in 1977.

We’ve been exploring options to regenerate the estate and replace the existing properties with new, modern homes, as well as build additional homes.

We’ve involved our residents in our plans through a full consultation process. They’ve helped us shape the proposals, which have now been submitted as a planning application.

We’re proposing to create 506 new homes, which will make Mansell Street the largest residential planning application to the City of London since the Barbican in the mid-1970s.

Our commitment to our residents

Our proposals will deliver a number of benefits to the current residents of Mansell Street, including:

  • new modern homes
  • lower running costs through energy efficient design
  • private balconies
  • more open space including garden, green roofs, play areas and a ball court
  • increased security through design in the new homes
  • no existing resident will have to leave the estate, or move while the new homes are being built.

Involving our residents

We’re really keen to hear our residents’ views and to answer any questions. We’ll keep them informed of progress through newsletters, letters and a range of events.

You can read the Mansell Street FAQs

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