Therese is using her Aspire Award to do a 4 week film-making course at The London Film Academy.

Professional learning

Therese’s course covers everything from writing scripts and auditioning your own actors to shooting a film and editing. She’ll also use her Aspire Award to do a two day intensive ‘Directing with Actors’ course.

Networking with other film students

“I have wanted to do this for 20 years but had given up on ever making films. Now I am going to be making films professionally,” she said. “As well as working with others to make films I will gain entry into an exclusive networking club. I can meet with other filmmakers, production companies and industry professionals.”

“I feel I have stepped into someone else’s life. I can’t believe I am going to one of the top places in the country. It’s a dream come true. I’d advise anyone applying for an Aspire Award to really go for it. Go for your dreams, be brave.”