Change of landlord consultation
Frequently Asked Questions

Will my tenancy, licence or lease be affected?

The terms of your tenancy agreement, license or lease will not change in any way. Your rights and responsibilities under your tenancy, licence or lease will remain the same.

Will my rent go up as a result of these changes?

No, the rents charged by all Registered Providers are governed by the law and by a framework set by central government and the social housing regulator. Changes to your rent will happen in future in line with this framework, reflecting government limits and policies, these rent changes will occur whether or not the proposed change of landlord happens.

I currently have the right to buy my house under the preserved right to buy. Will this change?

No – you will still have this right, which is protected by law.

Will my service charges go up as a result of these changes?

The proposal will not affect the way in which service charges are calculated. However, there may be some changes in the way we deliver the services you receive which may have an impact on what you pay. We will notify you in advance if there are any changes to your service charges.

Will this affect the way in which services are delivered to my home?

There may be some small differences in the way the housing associations deliver their services. We have included a summary of the main ones with your letter.

Will I have to move house?

No. If the transfer of ownership to Riverside goes ahead, it will not affect your right to remain in your current home and does not affect your security of tenure

If I receive Housing Benefit/Universal Credit, will I still be able to receive this?

Yes. Housing Benefit/Universal Credit arrangements will remain the same.

How can I contact you about repairs or payments?

Continue to contact us in the normal way. Nothing is changing now and if there are proposals to change contact details in the future, we will give you advance notice.

Will the services you provide in my local area and on my estate change (i.e. cleaning, grounds maintenance, gardening etc.)?

Riverside will be bound by the same service obligations in your tenancy agreement/lease, so you will receive the same services. However, they may be delivered in a slightly different way. The main differences are summarised in the table included with your letter.

I was due to receive home improvements this year, will they still go ahead?

If we have confirmed that we will be undertaking planned works to your home this year then these proposals will not affect this. On rare occasions we may have to delay works to your home for other reasons but we will let you know if this is the case

When will any changes happen?

You have until 19 March 2021 to let us know your views about Riverside becoming your new landlord.  After that we will consider all your views and both Boards will decide if we are going to proceed with the transfer.  We will contact you again later in the year letting you know the final decision.  If the decision is made to proceed with the transfer, we will confirm the likely date of the transfer when we contact you to share that decision although it is likely to be several months before the transfer would complete.

Is this definitely going to happen?

At this point we are interested in hearing what you think about Riverside becoming your new landlord.  Your views are important to us and will influence the final decision on whether the transfer happens. This decision will be made by our Board and your feedback during the consultation period will be considered in making this decision.

We will update you later in the year. This update will include outcomes from the customer consultation and confirm the next steps of the process. If we decide not to transfer our homes to Riverside, you will remain a tenant of The Guinness Partnership.

What will happen to the staff who deliver the service locally?

Our staff are aware of the proposals and are committed to continuing to provide you with great customer service as normal. Until we have more detail we are unable to say how staff may be impacted by any changes, although if we go ahead with these changes we would expect some of their roles to transfer to Riverside.

What will happen to the personal information that Guinness holds in relation to me?

In line with data protection law the personal information that Guinness holds in relation to you will be transferred to Riverside in order to manage your tenancy and to ensure a continuity of service for you.

For further information on how we handle personal information please see our Privacy Notice here.

If I’m a shared owner, will I still be able to staircase?

Yes, if you currently have the right to staircase this will not change. The conditions of your lease will remain the same.

What are the benefits of being a Riverside customer?

As soon as you join Riverside you become a member of the Riverside Customer Voice.  Here are some of the ways you can get involved.

Voice iCommunity

You can have your say when Riverside is asking customers what they think about a service simply by joining our online Voice iCommunity.   All you need to do is register to take part in online surveys.

Forums and Groups

If you would like get involved in discussions with other Customer Voice members in your area you can join the Liverpool City Region Customer Voice Hub which is an online Facebook group. For details, take a look at the Riverside Customer Voice Facebook page “rcustomervoice”

Riverside Customer Voice Executive

The Riverside Customer Voice Executive is the key route for Riverside to consult with customers. They are consulted on Riverside’s customer policies and procedures and influence key decision making. They also make Riverside accountable through scrutiny. This is called co-regulation.

Can I contact Riverside now?

As discussions are in initial stages, please contact Guinness regarding any questions you have about the transfer process. If the transfer proceeds, you will have a chance to meet with Riverside and learn about the services they provide.