Apply for a home -
Guinness customer

As you're already a Guinness customer, the information on this page should give you extra help and options for your home search.

Applying for a transfer

Find out more information about transferring to another Guinness home through our new YourChoice service.

Swapping your home

Have you thought about a mutual exchange?

Find out about swapping homes with another Guinness customer or with a customer from another housing association.

Homes to rent right now

We have homes you can rent right now – see if any of them are what you’re looking for.

Most of our homes are let through councils, so you should apply directly to them.

Applying for housing through your council

Your council will check your housing needs and try to find you a house. You may be housed with them, with us or another housing association.

Find your local council and apply for a home. The link will open in a new window so pop back after you have signed up to see if we can help you further.

Looking for a home in central Manchester?

If you want to apply for a home in Manchester you need to register with Manchester Move.

Contact Manchester Move on 0333 900 9032 or apply directly online at