Fire door tagging

Over the next few weeks Savills are visiting our taller buildings (over 11 metres and 5 storeys) to place a small sticker on flat front doors and the doors in communal areas. These stickers have a QR code on them. (They will not need access to your home to do this)

Please don’t remove these stickers. We are using these to keep an electronic record of the safety inspections we complete to fire doors – this includes the front door to your home. Fire doors are really important to the safety of your home. They can protect you from the spread of smoke and fire. Our inspections make sure all fire doors are properly maintained and continue to meet fire safety standards.

We are required by law to inspect all fire doors in any building that has five storeys or is taller than 11 meters in height. We will need to inspect your front door once each year, and we’ll contact you when we need to arrange this appointment. We will also inspect the communal doors every three months, but we won’t need you to give us access to do these inspections.

If you see a fire door that is damaged, please report it to us so we can repair it as quickly as possible.