Our relationship with you

We want your time living with us to be as enjoyable as possible. As a landlord, and as tenants or homeowners, we all have legal rights and responsibilities.

Your responsibilities

We ask that you:

  • pay your rent and service charge on time and in full
  • give us the right information when you apply for a home and keep us informed of any changes in circumstances
  • look after your home and request the relevant permissions from us (and your local council) if you wish to make any structural changes to your home, for example replacing your windows
  • treat your neighbours and our staff with respect
  • don’t sublet part of your home, or take in a lodger, without our permission. Remember, your lease agreement may not allow you to do this

We hope you’ll agree these are fair rules to live by. If you don’t stick to them – and won’t work with us to resolve any issues you might be having – you may be in breach of your lease and lose your home. This will always be the last resort as we want our customers to be happy and secure in their homes.

Our responsibilities

In return we will:


For further independent information on your rights and obligations, please look at The Leasehold Advisory Service website.