Who repairs what?

Looking after your home is your responsibility as well as ours.

Your lease will state what you are responsible for and what we will repair. Any repairs we carry out will usually be paid for through your service charges.

Usually you will find that you need to repair everything inside your home, including the glass in any windows and doors. You may also have to repair any cables and pipes that exclusively serve your home, even if they are located outside.

We are typically responsible for maintaining communal areas, lifts, shared gardens and roofs on our blocks.

Warranty and defect periods

When the builders hand over new homes to us there’s usually a ‘defect period’. This means the developer will fix issues inside your home – like hot water not working or doors jamming – for you. After a certain period, these issues become your responsibility, unless your lease stipulates that we are responsible for them.

All our new homes come with a 10-year warranty for major structural faults, starting from the date it was built. If you think your home might have a major structural fault within this period, please contact us immediately.

If you’ve bought a Guinness property from another leaseholder, please check your lease for details of your repair responsibilities.