Home improvements

You won’t need our permission to decorate or make simple repairs, but you will for anything more complicated.

If you want to make changes to your home, please check your lease first. The following changes will always need our permission:

  • External work to the property
  • Structural work
  • Changing of layout, pipework and electrics
  • Conservatories or extensions

It is important that you get our permission before you make any changes, as otherwise you could be in breach of your lease.  This may prevent you from being able to sell or secure a mortgage on your home.

If you are a shared owner and have made improvements without our prior permission, we will not factor the value of these improvements into any staircasing valuations.

Requesting a change

If you’d like to make an alteration, please write to us with your plans. If we’re happy with these, we’ll grant permission on condition that you pay for the work and it’s done by a reputable builder.

A list of our administrative fees can be found here, and you may also have additional costs for surveyors and solicitors.