Everyone needs help once in a while, and the benefits system is there to help people when they’re not working, can’t work or are on a low income.

We know that claiming benefits can sometimes be confusing and complicated. You’ll find information about benefits on these pages, but we also have a team to help if you get stuck. You can contact them using this form.

For more information on benefits, please visit www.gov.uk. If you don’t know what benefits you can claim, you can find out at www.entitledto.co.uk.

  • Welfare reform and Universal Credit

    The government has brought in new legislation that will change benefits through to at least 2022.

  • Other benefit changes

    A number of changes to benefits have been introduced by the government in recent years. Find out about the bedroom tax and what happens if you're on benefits and you go abroad.

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    Got some questions about welfare reform or benefit changes? Our customer support team can help.