Our dedicated Energy Advice Officers can provide practical help on reducing fuel bills and accessing available funding. They can arrange a one-to-one appointment over the phone or in person to review your energy bills, heating system and property, to help find ways to save while keeping warm.

So far, the team have helped residents to save money on their energy bills, sort out historic debt on their meters and make better and more efficient use of their heating systems.

Some of the most common problems the team have come across that they can help you with with include:

Issues with suppliers

They can be with you to support you whilst you contact your supplier and discuss concerns around estimated bills, smart meter fitting and smart meters connectivity issues. They can also contact the energy supplier on your behalf.

Debt with energy suppliers

Communication with your supplier is essential when you’re in debt. They can support by talking to your energy supplier and then help you to create a repayment plan.

Energy bills/tariffs

If you are on a credit meter, they can help by reviewing the energy tariff to make sure it’s the best one for you. If you’re on direct debit or prepayment meters they can help with advice about using smart meters and how to keep costs down with effective use of appliances.

Heating system/controls

The way you use heating can be a large contributor to the amount spent on energy. They can show you how to make the most efficient use of your heating system, for example residents with storage heaters often use the boost button, which is expensive, so they can talk you through how storage heaters should work.

Financial support

The government has announced a package to help with the increased cost of energy. They inform residents on what payments they should expect to receive in the upcoming months.

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