We’ve partnered with charity Talk, Listen, Change (TLC) to offer emotional wellbeing support to our residents. These emotional support services are normally only available to Greater Manchester residents but because these sessions are currently being delivered over the phone and digitally, people can now be helped nationally.

TLC emotional support enables people to work through their emotions and find ways to cope with them. They provide a range of ways to improve mental wellbeing and resilience, helping people to develop coping strategies. The objective is to enable residents to identify clear ways forward for themselves.

Guinness residents can access up to five free online and telephone sessions each.

What do the sessions entail?

This service is an opportunity for Guinness customers:

  • To talk things through
  • To gain tools and strategies for managing mental wellbeing
  • To be heard and supported to find their own solutions

What is mental resilience?

Mental resilience is about being able to cope with life’s ups and downs and protect yourself from
the negative impacts of stressful or difficult situations.

Feelings may be particularly heightened at the present time due to Coronavirus and all the
associated worries and stresses, which manifest themselves differently for each individual.

What type of support does TLC offer?

TLC can provide support for individuals. The service is for adults aged 18 or over.

How do I access the emotional wellbeing sessions?

If you feel you would benefit from the services that Talk, Listen, Change are providing for Guinness residents, you will need to be referred by a member of Guinness staff. To contact us regarding a referral, please complete the form below.

Talk, Listen, Change referral

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

TLC will contact you within 5 working days at arrange discuss your requirements.