We want to make moving into your new home a great experience. So we’ll make sure your home is clean and safe and everything works.
Here you’ll find all the things you need to know before, and whilst, moving into your Guinness home.

  • Setting up your home

    When you first move into your new home you’ll want to sort out a few things as you get settled.

  • Login page for MyGuinness account

    MyGuinness - online services

    View your rent statements and check your payments with our new online services. You can register and log in here.

  • Paying your rent

    As long as you pay your rent in advance, you can pay when it suits you.

  • Your tenancy

    Find out about the different types of tenancy we offer and what happens if we need to make changes to your tenancy.

  • Our relationship with you

    We want your time living with us to be as enjoyable as possible. As a landlord and as tenants we both have legal rights and responsibilities.

  • Looking after your home

    We want you to be happy living in your home with us. Here you’ll find information about who is responsible for taking care of things in your home.

  • Repairs

    Need something fixing in your home? Find out who's responsible for repairs, and report a fault using our form.

  • Managing your money

    We know that managing your finances can be hard sometimes. Changes at work, in your family or with your benefits can all make it difficult to make ends meet.

  • Staff talking to a young customer in his home

    How we can help

    From time to time you might need some extra financial support or advice. Our customer support team is here to help.