We want to make moving into your new home a great experience. So we’ll make sure your home is clean and safe and everything works.

When you move in, you can expect:

  • your home to be clean and clear
  • a kitchen and bathroom ready to use and in good condition
  • if your home has a garden, it’ll be clear of rubbish, with no broken fences
  • any items left by the previous tenant that are in good condition – like curtain rails or fitted furniture – will be left for you to use.
  • Your tenancy

    Find out about the different types of tenancy we offer and what happens if we need to make changes to your tenancy.

  • MyGuinness online services

    View your rent statements and check your payments with our new online services. You can register and log in here.

  • Setting up your home

    When you first move into your new home you’ll want to sort out a few things as you get settled.

  • Our relationship with you

    We want your time living with us to be as enjoyable as possible. As a landlord and as tenants we both have legal rights and responsibilities.