Looking after your home

We want you to be happy living in your home with us. Here you’ll find information about who is responsible for taking care of things in your home.

Guinness will

  • Maintain and repair the structure of your home and building
  • Respond to emergency repairs and make safe within 24 hours, other repairs will be fixed within 28 days
  • Maintain and repair fire safety systems, fans, door entry systems and CCTV monitoring, in communal areas
  • Keep any heating, water heating and sanitation that we supply, working and in working order
  • Inspect and service any gas central heating systems every year. We will need access to your home to do this. It’s important that we work together to find the right time to do this because not allowing access is a breach of your tenancy.

How you can help

  • Keep your home and garden clean and tidy
  • Look after your property and keep it in good condition. You can make your home your own by decorating. For some home improvements you may need to check with us first.
  • You are responsible for minor non-structural repairs such as minor cracks in plaster, decorating, or repairing damage caused by the tenant (household or visitors).
  • Report any repairs to us as soon as you are aware using MyGuinness so we can sort them out.
    Please note, due to the pandemic, you are currently unable to report repairs through MyGuinness.
  • Allow Guinness staff or representatives access to your home when we need to do your annual gas safety checks, inspections and repairs.
  • Be responsible, be safe and be respectful of your neighbours and local community.
  • Ensure you’re aware of what the processes are when it comes to things like rubbish, pests, gardens and lots of other important information for living in your home.

It is important that, in line with your tenancy agreement, you report any repairs needed to your property. Failure to do this could put your tenancy at risk.

Home improvements

You won’t need our permission to decorate or make simple repairs, but you will for anything more complicated.

You can find out more about home improvements and how to make changes to your home here.