Looking to transfer homes

If you need a bigger or smaller home than you have at the moment, or want to move to a different area, you can apply to transfer to another Guinness home. Get in touch with our teams to find out how.

Applications Advice Team

If you are a current tenant with The Guinness Partnership looking to transfer homes, you can do so through your MyGuinness account by selecting the YourChoice option. We update this website at 10am every Tuesday and Friday.

If you want to speak with an advisor regarding transferring, please call 0161 219 7229.

If you are a Manchester Move applicant whose application has been allocated to The Guinness Partnership, please contact the applications advice team on 0161 219 7229.

Please note that we no longer hold a direct waiting list. If you are not currently a Guinness tenant and you are not enquiring about a Manchester Move application, you will need to register directly with the local authority and check our ‘available now’ properties listed on Zoopla.

Tenancy Management Team

The tenancy management team handle the mutual exchange/ swap process. It is free for Guinness residents to register for mutual exchange websites such as Home Swapper and House Exchange.

If you need to speak with an advisor regarding your mutual exchange please contact 0161 219 7226.

If you are in the process of a joint to sole or sole to joint application or you are requesting a reference, please also contact the tenancy management team on 0161 219 7226.

Swapping your home

Find out about swapping homes with another Guinness customer or with a customer from another housing association.