About your rent

We charge different rents because our tenants live in different types of homes.


Your tenancy agreement will show you the type of tenancy you have and the rent you pay.

When we work out your rent, we take into account the:

  • value of your home
  • average earnings of people in the local area
  • your tenancy type
  • number of bedrooms
  • age and location of your home
  • what condition your home’s in.

Questions about rent and service charges

When do you review my rent?

We review your rent every year, based on the government policy for rent setting.

We won’t change your rent without giving you four weeks’ notice. If we do change your rent, and you claim housing benefit, please contact us.

If you’re on a fixed-term tenancy we’ll review your rent at the end of the term. If we offer you a new tenancy we’ll re-calculate your rent.

How do I request a rent statement?

You can review your rent statements through our online services.

Find out more and register for a MyGuinness account

Why am I in arrears?

Call us on 0303 123 1890 if you can’t keep up with your payments.

We can help you manage your money and put together a payment plan so you pay a realistic amount within a reasonable period of time.

Check out our managing your money pages for practical advice on saving money.