Planned maintenance

To keep our homes in good condition we have a planned programme for repair or replacement work.

This work might replace your bathroom or kitchen, or repair your block’s lift or roof. We decide what we work on depending on the age, type and condition of each item.

Having a programme means we can save money when we replace or repair items in many homes at the same time.

What’s covered by our planned maintenance?

It covers the replacement and maintenance of:

  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • windows and doors
  • electrical wiring
  • roofs
  • gas and electrical central heating
  • passenger lifts
  • paved areas
  • redecorating communal areas

We’ll give you plenty of notice before starting any work in your home.

When we replace kitchens and bathrooms, we’ll give you a choice of colours and designs if possible.

Do I have to pay for planned works?

As a tenant you don’t have to pay for planned maintenance.

If you’ve replaced your own kitchen or bathroom, and they’re in good condition, we wouldn’t replace them.

Virtual Survey

Our Virtual Survey allows you to complete a Stock Condition Survey of your property at a time that suits you, which is a convenient way for you to ensure that your home will be included in future programme works.

If you’ve been contacted by our planned maintenance team, or want to ensure your home is included in future programmes, you can access the survey here.