Fixing emergency repairs

If your repair is an emergency please call us straight away on 0303 123 1890 and we’ll deal with the repair within 24 hours.  Please don’t log emergency repairs on web forms or other channels as we can’t respond immediately.  Our phone lines are open for emergency repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please note, we need you to be available in your property for 24 hours so we can arrange for the engineer to attend your property.

Take a look at what is considered an emergency repair, and what repairs are routine:


What's an emergency repair?

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs have an immediate health and safety risk to you, your home or your neighbours. They include:

  • complete loss of power
  • no cold water supply
  • no heating or hot water during the winter*
  • a flood or leak that cannot be contained or causes a risk of electric shock
  • doors or ground floor windows that aren’t secure
  • your only toilet being broken
  • a lift not working (where this is the only lift used for all floors of the building)
  • smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarms (continuous noise)
  • anything else that may present a serious health and safety risk

We’ll fix or make an emergency repair safe within 24 hours.

Please note, we need you to be available in your property for 24 hours so we can arrange for the engineer to attend your property

Our contractors may do a temporary repair to make the situation safe. They’ll return at a later date to fix it. This happens if they need extra parts to complete the job or you reported it out of hours.

*Please note, we review reports of no hot water on a case by case basis.

Routine repairs

If it isn’t an emergency repair we aim to get it fixed for you within 28 days, but we’ll always come out sooner if we can.

If there are any changes to any reported repairs, we’ll contact you to let you know.

Report a repair

You can now report and view your repair online 24hrs a day using MyGuinness (including the option to raise an appointment for damp and mould issues). Many customers are also able to book a repair appointment for the most commonly reported repairs. Book your appointment now.

You can also call us to book a routine repair on 0303 123 1890 from 8am–8pm, Monday to Friday. Or you can speak to us on Live Chat, using the green ‘Chat to us’ button the right hand side of the screen.

If it’s an emergency repair you can call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For those with hearing or speech difficulties, you can get in touch with us via text relay on 18001 0303 123 1890.

You can read our responsive repairs policy here.

Our staff continue to use appropriate PPE and will take any other precautions needed to ensure their visit to your home is undertaken safely – for you and them.

Your safety is our priority. At the moment when we visit you, we will wear a face covering and socially distance. Please can we ask that you do the same, including wearing a face mask or face covering – unless you are exempt.

Gas heating and hot water repairs

If you have a gas heating or hot water repair you can call our contractors directly to speak to a dedicated expert, who can book your appointment or may be able to help you rectify issues over the phone.

  • If you’re based in the South East please call K&T Heating on 0208 269 4502
  • If you’re based in the North and South West please call Sure Maintenance on 0800 093 2220
  • If you want to request a communal repair in the South West please call Robert Heath on 0203 764 3001

What you can expect from this service:

  • You’ll receive an appointment slot within the 24-hour window for emergency gas appointments (when you don’t have any heating or hot water). So you don’t need to wait in all day.
  • If the engineer can’t fix the problem during the visit and needs to come back with parts or to fit a new boiler, the new appointment will be booked straight away, or you’ll be given details of the next steps.
  • Access to an Energy Advice Officer who can work with you to make sure your boiler is running efficiently, and help you switch providers or tariff to save money. 
  • Once an engineer has visited your home for a repair, you will be sent a satisfaction survey by email so you can tell us how things went. 

For all other queries and repairs requests or if your heating or hot water is supplied through storage heaters and cylinders or through renewable technology such as heat pumps, please continue to contact us on 0303 123 1890 or via our website.