Who repairs what?

Looking after your home is your responsibility as well as ours.

When it comes to repairs we have you covered on:

  • the roof, walls, windows and doors
  • drains, gutters and outside pipes
  • internal walls, ceilings and floors (this only includes the property’s structural flooring, such as wooden floor boards and concrete floors – not additional floor covering)
  • internal doors, kitchen and bathroom fittings and internal pipework
  • gas boilers, fires and pipes – we’ll visit once a year to check these are working safely
  • electrical wiring and fittings
  • smoke alarms (this does not apply to homeowners / shared owners)
  • criminal damage to windows, door and locks (you’ll need to file a crime report)
  • any areas you share with your neighbours
  • boundary fences (this includes fences that lead onto a public right of way such as a road, field or car park. This also includes fences that are between two properties, only when the other property is not a Guinness property or is Shared Ownership with Guinness)
  • in cases of immediate danger, front and back gates (please note this is not in every case. Each case will be individually assessed for any immediate danger)

In return, we ask that you:

  • keep internal decoration in good condition
  • replace lost or damaged keys, broken toilet seats, light bulbs, bath/sink plugs and other minor items
  • provide and repair TV aerials, washing lines, shower heads and curtains, and curtain rails
  • install appliances correctly
  • fit or replace shower heads, curtains and curtain rails
  • fill or repair small plaster cracks
  • alter doors for carpets
  • replace batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (maintenance of the detectors themselves is our responsibility)
  • repair or replace dividing fences (any fence that divides two Guinness homes)
  • repair any front and back gates where an immediate danger is not present
  • repair any areas of your home damaged by you or your guests.

Our contractors

We check the quality of our contractors’ work and how they behave in your home.

Our contractors agree to meet our code of conduct. We expect them to:

  • keep their appointments or, if it is necessary to change them, do so and advise customers of this in good time
  • carry and show an identity card bearing their name, the name of their employer, and a recent photograph of themselves
  • work efficiently and tidily
  • treat your home with respect
  • be polite at all times
  • clear up after themselves.

In return, we ask our customers to:

  • provide Guinness and our contractors access to your home at the agreed appointment time – or change it as soon as possible if you do not expect to be at home at the agreed time
  • treat our staff and contractors with respect
  • check the contractor’s identity card and if you have any concerns about the authenticity of the identity to call and confirm it with our customer service centre on 0303 123 1890
  • take children with you if you have to go out whilst the contractor is in your home
  • refrain from smoking inside while the contractor is in your home.