Home improvements

Although you have a legal obligation to decorate and make simple repairs, you won't need our permission for these. However you will for anything more complicated.

If you have a Guinness tenancy, you can make improvements to your home. This could be:

  • changes to your kitchen
  • putting a shower over your bath
  • installing CCTV
  • replacing, removing or changing light fittings that require more work than a simple, quick change

Going ahead with improvements

You’ll need our written permission before you start any improvements, including those listed above, and we might need to set some conditions about the improvements.

If you are undertaking any building work to the property, you may need planning permission or be required to look into other local restrictions. It is your responsibility to check with your local council. Failing to do so may result in you restoring the property back to its original condition.

To make alterations to your home, please complete this online request form.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to print off a form to complete and post to us, you can use this form.

Who pays for home improvements?

If you want to make any home improvements, you’ll need to pay for them yourself.

If you move out of a home you’ve improved, you may be eligible for compensation if you have had our prior approval for those improvements. This is a statutory compensation given to tenants for limited and specified improvements, such as the installation of a toilet, work surfaces or bathroom storage cupboards. You must serve us with notice 28 days before the end of the tenancy or up to 28 days after the tenancy ends.

We will take a number of factors into account like:

  • how much the improvements cost
  • how long they’ll last
  • if you followed any conditions set out.

If you owe us any money when you move out, we’ll deduct this from the compensation.

Aids and adaptations

If you need to make changes to your home so you can live more independently, we want to help as much as we can.

You can find out more information about aids and adaptations and the costs and funding associated with these on our dedicated page.

Care and support

Sometimes you might need a little extra help to live independently in your home. It might be taking you shopping, helping with the cleaning or picking up your medicine.

Find out about our care services that will help you live in your home for longer.