Guinness Hub Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our Guinness Hub app

I’ve registered on the app but I haven’t received the validation email?

Make sure you’ve entered the correct email address by checking the Complete Email Verification screen on the app. If you’re email is correct, try clicking Resend email – and don’t forget to check your junk mail, just in case it’s in there.

How do I report someone’s post on the app?

You can report any post by holding down on the post until a menu appears. When the menu appears, select Report. We’ll then review the post and take appropriate action.

How do I create a chat group?

Go to your estate page. Scroll down the screen until you see the Chats section. On this section you’ll find a green button that says Create. Click on this, add your chat topic, and then press the green tick icon.

How do I add a picture to the chat group I created?

We can do this for you – call our Customer Service Centre on 0303 123 1890 with your chat group name and scheme, and we’ll upload an appropriate image for you.

How do I turn notifications on/off for a particular chat group?

Go to the Chat you want to change. Click on the 3 dots in the top right – then select ‘Mute’ to turn them off, or ‘Unmute’ to turn them back on.

I no longer want to be part of a chat group – how do I leave the chat?

Go to the Chat you want to leave. Click on the 3 dots in the top right – then select ‘Leave Chat’.

How do I edit my profile?

Go to the Profile tab. Click the icon on the top left – this will open ‘Complete your profile’. Update the relevant info and then click the green tick icon to save.

How do I amend my interests?

Go to edit profile as per the above. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, select/de-select your interests as appropriate, then click the green tick icon to save.

How do I delete my profile picture?

You can only delete a profile picture once you’ve added a new one. Go to your profile tab and click the edit profile icon in the top left. Once you’ve uploaded a new picture, an X will appear over both pictures. To delete the picture, click on the relevant X.

How do I stop someone from private messaging me?

We hope you won’t need to do this, but if you do – go to the Profile tab, click on the message of the person you’d like to block/unblock. When the message opens, click on the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner and select block or unblock.

How do I delete private messages in my inbox?

Go to your profile tab, find the message you’d like to delete and hold down on it until Delete Chat appears. Click Delete Chat to remove the entire message stream. Once deleted, this can’t be undone.

I need help with Guinness Hub – who do I contact?

We’ve created a short video walkthrough of the app, which you’ll find by visiting

A dedicated team within our Customer Service Centre should also be able to help with most trouble shooting queries – you can call us on 0303 123 1890. Or – if it’s a question on how to use the app – you could try asking your neighbours for help by posting a question in the ‘Help in the Community’ chat group.