Lucie's Food Pantry

Become a member of Lucie's Food Pantry in Salford.

Lucie’s Food Pantry is the new food club in Salford! For £2.50 per week, local residents who are struggling to make ends meet can join up as members to access foods worth up to £20.

The pantry was set up to provide a sustainable and affordable source of food and household essentials to people of the Pendleton community who are struggling to make ends meet – either through debt, illness or low income.  Additionally, it provides debit advice, substance and money management to help avoid future financial difficulties.

Where is Lucie’s Pantry?

Lucie’s Food Pantry is located at the Emmaus Salford Community Homestore on Fitzwarren Street, Pendleton.

When will it be open?

Lucie’s Pantry is open every week, Monday to Friday (9am-3pm).

Am I eligible?

If you live within 20 minutes of the Community Homestore, and meet the needs of Lucy’s Food Pantry, then you’ll be able to apply to become a member.

However, due to limited resources of the food pantry, applications will only be accepted to those truly in need.

How do I become a member?

Fill in the form below and they’ll be in touch!

Lucie's Pantry