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across Guinness

31 August 2017

We’ve been busy this summer making improvements to our estates and investing in our communities. Our estates teams have been working hard, often with our residents, to make a big impression on our homes.

Panshangar community planting dayCommunity planting at Panshanger

Made up of 250 properties, our estate in Panshanger is the biggest housing development in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield.

Our customers there told us that they wanted more colour, vibrancy and variety of plants to help make the estate feel more like a community.

So our estate teams decide to host a community planting day at Panshangar, inviting our customers along to help us make sure we got everything exactly right. Together we created the first community inspired flower bed.

Estates & Grounds Maintenance Manager, Michael Austin said: “We supplied a range of plants from different areas, asking our customers to choose their favourites and taught them about the plants and their needs. From helping choose the most suitable areas for plants to be located, to showing them how to properly plant and care for them afterwards, everyone got involved and had great fun.

“At the end of the day, we gave a small potted plant to each customer to take home and look after. The aim is that when the plants come into flower next year, we can bring the community together again to add even more colour to the garden that our customers have grown in their homes.”

Happy homes at Haven Street

We love it when our estate services teams develop their own little projects and decide to go the extra mile.

Over the last few months, Sebastian Kulig and Jody Small form our estates teams worked together on a project to revitalise a local area at Haven Street in Broughton, Milton Keynes.

Together Sebastian and Jody removed 150 bags of old bark and around 3 tonne bags of other green waste from the outside of the properties. Once the area was clear, they added 20 tons of gravel, and planted around 200 plants! They mixed the lovely looking gold and pink gravel, adding in ornamental grasses and small birch trees, making the area look fresh and giving it a really distinctive look compared to other estates in the area.

Despite the large addition of plants, the garden requires very low maintenance thanks to the plants the team chose and the way they’ve been arranged. So not only does it look good now, it’s going to continue looking great without too much care from the community.

Sebastian said: “It was good fun for us to work on this project, but what is even more important is that the customers seem to really like it!”

Investing in our homes

Through these kinds of small improvements, we want to build a bigger sense of community spirit, as well as continue our investment in the homes and environments that all of our customers enjoy.

If you want to make a difference to your community with similar projects or initiatives, why not consider applying for an Aspire Award and get started with a little funding help?