Annual Review 2015/16

29 September 2016

Our Annual Review and Financial Statements showcase our achievements in 2015/16.

They are now available to read online on our Annual Review website.

“The year has been one of extraordinary change for the housing and care sectors. We’ve built on the strong foundations we established in 2014/15 and taken some important steps towards the objectives we want to achieve by 2018.” – Neil Braithwaite, Chair of the Board.

2015/16 in review

Highlights of our year include:

  • building 908 new homes for social or affordable rent, shared ownership and outright sale
  • awarding £125,000 to 136 of our customers with our Aspire Awards programme
  • investing £183m in maintaining and repairing our existing homes
  • starting three pilot projects to make our homes and communities more dementia friendly
  • our first Star Awards which recognises the outstanding work Guinness people do.

“Guinness is about more than just the physical fabric. We’re both clear that Guinness is a Customer Service Business, and it’s our job to focus on the things that matter to our customers, as well as to ensure this is a well-run business.” – Catriona Simons, Chief Executive.

Making the most of our assets

At Guinness we’re committed to delivering and demonstrating value for money in everything we do.

So we’ve put together a Value for Money Self-Assessment, which show how we make the most of our our assets, resources and services as well as measuring and managing performance.

Read about our approach to value for money in our Value for Money Self-Assessment.