Our Anti-Racism Statement

02 October 2020

At Guinness, over the last few months we have held a number of conversations with colleagues about race and ethnicity. We are grateful to our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues for their openness and honesty in sharing their experiences of discrimination, both growing up in UK society, or immigrating to the UK, as well as any experiences they have had in the workplace.

These conversations were a key part of  our work to understand and address racial inequality, and culminate in the creation of our Anti-Racism Statement which we are delighted to be publishing today – at the start of Black History Month and end of National Inclusion Week. 

These are the culmination of our conversations, but our work is of course ongoing.  The commitments we make are ones we are already working to deliver, and which we will continue working on in weeks and months and years to come.  These commitments are about ensuring we – individually and as an organisation – work to bring about lasting change. 

Thank you again to everyone who helped shape our Anti-Racism Statement (and the accompanying Action Plan).  As an organisation that is committed to diversity and inclusion, it is fundamentally important that we stand together against racism.

You can read our anti-racism statement here