Aspire Awards -
new for 2017!

13 June 2017

For this year’s Aspire Awards we’re excited to introduce two new categories: Your Degree and Your Talent.

Aspire Awards Logo 2016Your Degree will pay for one Guinness customer, or their child, to attend university and complete a degree, with the course fees for the full duration of their degree entirely funded by Guinness.

We want to encourage customers that might have been reluctant or discouraged to attend university because of the costs to pursue their dream qualification. The opportunity to apply for Your Degree funding will only be available once a year, so don’t miss out. Applications are now closed.

Supporting Your Talent

We recognise that not all dreams or achievements are academic. Talent comes in many shapes and sizes, so we’ve created the Your Talent category in this year’s Aspire Awards to help support the ambitions of those that want to pursue dreams that don’t include university.

Perhaps you’re the next Tokio Myers – winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2017. Tokio attends the Royal College of Music thanks to financial help from a full scholarship. We want to recognise talents like that in our customers and help you grab opportunities you may have thought were that little bit out of reach.

Applications are now closed.

History of Aspire

Over the last five years we’ve given Aspire Award grants to more than 230 customers to support community projects or help pay for education courses, training and equipment.

The Aspire Awards give us the chance to help make our customer’s dreams a reality. So if you’re a talented sportsperson, artist or musician with a proven talent in your field; an aspiring lawyer, doctor, dentist or vet; we’re offering the chance for you to have the costs of training, equipment or tuition covered to help you achieve the highest levels of success.