Aylesbury musician wins national award
to help boost teaching career

18 March 2020

Aylesbury resident Andre Goff has won a Guinness Aspire Award to help further his future music career.

Andre GoffMusic has been Andre’s passion since he was 11 years old.  This Aspire Award will help Andre continue to pay for his music lessons, and then go on to study for his Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) to become a music teacher, so he can help others develop their own musical talents.

Andre said:

I am thrilled to have received this award from The Guinness Partnership which will help me pay for my music lessons and enable me to study for a PGCE so I can teach music in schools.

I love learning and progressing as a musician and I’m really grateful for this support which will help me achieve my aspirations of a career in music.

Jack Lee, Director of Strategy and Policy at Guinness, said: “Over the last five years we have given more than 270 Guinness residents Aspire Award grants, helping them to progress their skills and talents, and develop their careers.

“The application process is really simple and we would encourage any Guinness resident to apply. We wish Andre every success, and will be keeping in touch to see how his music and teaching career is progressing.”

We offer Aspire Award grants to residents to contribute towards education and training courses to build skills, careers, or to enable them to support their communities.