Bath woman turns
entrepreneur after grant award win

27 October 2015

Joanna Luton, 45, is one of more than 100 Aspire Award winners and is using her award to complete an advanced year-long metal-work course at Bath College.

Joanna Luton, Aspire Award winner

Earlier this year Joanna applied for one of Guinness’s annual Aspire Awards, designed to help our customers get back into work or further up the career ladder by gaining new qualifications and skills.

After having to leave her previous job in January due to a shoulder injury, Joanna wanted to be able to work from home.

“I wanted to work for myself and I’ve always been interested in jewellery design. The course is giving me the opportunity to learn more about the jewellery industry as well as the technical design aspects.”

Using her past retail experience working with designer brands, Joanna has now set up her own affordable eBay shop, Bubblegum Jewellery Box.