Can you spot
tenancy fraud?

06 February 2017

We’re getting involved in Tenancy Fraud Awareness week, letting you know what we’re doing about it and how you can report it.

Gemma a housing officerWhat is tenancy fraud and how does Guinness deal with it?

When somebody rents out a property without permission or applies to rent a home using false information, they’re guilty of tenancy fraud. They’re taking a home that’s needed by someone else already on the waiting list. Find out more about tenancy fraud and how we deal with it.

Our litigation and fraud team was established in April 2016, and we’ve had more than 350 referrals from people suspecting tenancy fraud. From these referrals we’ve recovered an amazing 87 properties, which means those homes are now lived in by people who really need them.

How can you help?

There are things you can look out for that might indicate tenancy fraud. Perhaps you’ve not seen the tenant for a while or the home looks unoccupied. Or the tenant hasn’t been there, but unknown people have. Or you may know that a tenant lives elsewhere or abroad, but still has their Guinness property.

If you suspect tenancy fraud in one of our homes, please let us know. Information can be provided anonymously and will be treated confidentially.

Get in touch

Some of our litigation and fraud staff will be out and about on our estates this week, and are happy to arrange appointments if you’d like to speak to them face-to-face. Or if you’d prefer to report something suspicious to us over the phone, you can call 0303 123 1890 (8am–8pm, Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm on Saturday) or use our online form.