Cooper House has been
my home for over 40 years

17 April 2015

As part of our 125th anniversary celebrations this year, we’ve been speaking to some of our residents who know us best.

An older woman sitting on her sofa and smiling

Betty moved into Cooper House in Manchester in 1974 and hasn’t looked back. She described her time living in a Guinness home and how she first heard about the building.

“I was working in the Phoenix pub just across the road and one of the locals told me it was a really good place to live. Cooper House was brand new and had only just been opened.

“It was really modern for its time – having your own bathroom and storage heaters were a real mod-con! You’ve got to remember there were still a lot of houses in the area that had outside toilets and no central heating at all.”

Modernising Cooper House

We recently carried out a multi-million pound improvement project at Cooper House, adding new kitchens and bathrooms, making the balconies wider and installing a new boiler system and better insulation.

“The balcony’s much wider and more private now, and having efficient heating and instant hot water is wonderful – I definitely don’t need the heating on as much.

“This flat’s been my home for 40 years, and provided me with everything I’ve ever needed. I still remember how much I loved it when I first moved in – and all the work they’ve done on it now means it’s easy to love again.”

Celebrating 125 years of Guinness

You can hear Betty’s story and those from other customers and staff, as well as explore our history through galleries and an estate map, on our interactive 125th anniversary microsite at