Customer Service Week

05 October 2015

It’s National Customer Service Week and we're celebrating our commitment to our customers and our employees who are passionate about helping customers.

Staff talking to customers

We were founded in 1890 with a simple ethos: to improve people’s lives. That ethos has never changed, and delivering excellent service is still right at the top of our priorities.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are important to us – and we want you to feel that way. Customer service at Guinness is about treating customers with respect, showing you that we value you, keeping our promises and responding quickly when things go wrong.

Over the past year:

  • 83% of our customers agreed that repairs and maintenance work is of a good standard
  • 85% were satisfied with their neighbourhood
  • 87% said it’s easy to find information about our services when they need it
  • 92% of our customers agree that Guinness staff treat them with respect.

Getting it right

We hope that you’re happy with the services we provide. However, we know we don’t always get it right and correcting our mistakes and changing negative experiences into really positive ones is very important to us.

Catriona Simons, Chief Executive of The Guinness Partnership said, “Nothing is more important to me than our customers, and making sure we deliver on our service promises to you. I will be working with the customer service team over the coming months to ensure we do this – and get better and better at it.

“And when we do get things wrong, I want to be sure that we fix the situation as fast as possible. We are all about customer service and I want your experience of Guinness to be a good one.”