Dealing with bad weather

22 March 2019

Knowing what to do when bad weather causes problems in your home will help get things back to normal a little more quickly.

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Sudden cold temperatures and strong wind can also test the energy efficiency of your home. Draughts that you haven’t noticed can quickly leak warmth and cause you to turn up your thermostat – costing you money on your energy bills.

To help improve the energy efficiency of your home, here is some advice on what you can do to make the most of your water and heating.

The effects of bad weather can be unpredictable, so knowing who is responsible for repairs when something goes wrong can help get things back to normal a little bit more quickly.

We’ll repair any damage to guttering that may occur during storms or particularly heavy rain showers. We’ll also usually repair or replace a boundary fence that is next to a public right of way such as a road, field or car park.

We’ll also help with fences between your home and your neighbour, but only when the other property is not a Guinness property, or your neighbour is a Shared Ownership customer with Guinness.

This means that repairs or replacements of dividing fences (any fence that divides two Guinness homes) will not be repaired by us. In this case you should speak to the neighbour affected to agree on what you will do.

It’s important you’re aware of what you are responsible for looking after as a Guinness customer, and what services and responsibilities we take care of.

To make it easier to understand who is responsible for repairing different parts of your home and local area, you can take a look at our list of responsibilities, but here are a few highlights:

We’ll look after:

  • the roof, walls, windows and doors
  • drains, gutters and outside pipes
  • internal walls, ceilings and floors

You’re responsible for:

  • repairing or replacing dividing fences (any fence that divides two Guinness homes)
  • repairing any front and back gates where an immediate danger is not present
  • repairing any areas of your home damaged by you or your guests.

Remember, if you need to report a repair to us, you can do this online through your MyGuinness account. If you’re not already registered with MyGuinness, sign up today to manage your account online and get help when you need it.