Don’t get caught out by fraudsters

10 October 2019

Increasingly, we’re receiving reports from customers who have been targeted by unauthorised visitors to their home who claim they are working for or on behalf of Guinness.

tenancy-fraudWe’ve also been told of several customers who have received phone calls from people trying to get them to provide personal details, like their bank information or credit card details without giving a specific reason. We want to make sure our customers stay safe and are taking precautions to protect themselves from potential fraudsters, especially in the home.

What you need to be aware of:

We will never:

  • Turn up at your home unannounced
  • Ask for payments in person or request personal bank information for no reason
  • Get someone from another company to arrange work to be carried out in your home without speaking to you first

What you should do:

If you’re unsure if a visitor to your home or a caller on the phone is a genuine Guinness employee, you should:

  • Call us back to check the call is coming from a Guinness number
  • Ask the person to verify what information they have about you (your address, account number, etc.)
  • Call us to verify that we’ve sent someone to your home
  • Ask the visitor for their ID (all Guinness employees or contractors visiting your home will always carry ID)

If you think you’ve been targeted by someone fraudulently claiming to be working for Guinness you should report it to our Customer Service team on 0303 123 1890.