Be gas safe at home

14 September 2015

Gas is one of the safest and most efficient forms of energy for the home. But it can be dangerous if not used properly.

Gas safety team member visiting customer at homeThis week is Gas Safety Awareness Week, an annual safety week to raise awareness of gas safety across the UK.

Having gas boilers and cookers in our homes is something we might take for granted, but if they aren’t maintained properly, they can cause leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Help us to keep you safe

As your landlord, we need to check your gas supply and any appliances we provided are safe. To do this, our contractor needs to visit your home once a year. They’ll contact you before they visit, to agree a convenient time.

All our staff and contractors will have photo ID – always ask to see this when they visit. If you’re worried someone might be a bogus caller, please contact us.

It’s the law

When our gas contractor visits, it’s vital you let them in so they can complete their checks.

Andy Mackay heads up our health and safety team. He explains that to keep people safe, we carry these tests out every year.

“If we need to we’ll seek a court injunction to get access to people’s homes. We never want to have to do that, but our customers’ safety comes first.”

If you smell gas, or suspect there may be a leak

  • Turn off all your gas appliances
  • Isolate the gas supply at the meter (usually through a stop-cock)
  • Open all windows and doors
  • Do not use electrical appliances or switches
  • Call the National Grid Gas Emergency freephone number 0800 111 999.