Guinness award winner aims high in the legal world

24 November 2020

Three years ago, Guinness customer Georgina Dalton received Aspire Award funding to help her study for a law degree at Lancaster University.

Spire Barristers. Shot by Claire Wood on 1st October 2020

Georgina, 22, applied for an Aspire Award grant (via the Your Degree category) to help pay for her education and training courses, successfully finishing her law degree with flying colours.

With aspirations of becoming a Barrister, Georgina commenced the Bar Professional Training Course last year. However, the pandemic has had a huge impact on her studies, with exams being pushed back and moved online.

Recognising Georgina’s potential, Spire Barristers in Leeds have already taken on Georgina to start her pupillage (this is a 12-month training period for those aiming to qualify as barristers). After this training period is completed, Georgina hopes to continue as a full tenant with the chambers.

Georgina said: “Receiving the Aspire Award has given me the confidence to pursue my career in law, which felt completely out of reach to me only three or four years ago. Without it there is no way I would be where I am today.

“I am enjoying myself more than I could ever have imagined, and I have reached many of my goals and aspirations at the age of 22, for that I will always be grateful to The Guinness Partnership.”

Amy Lightfoot, who coordinates The Guinness Partnership’s Aspire Awards funding said: “We are so proud to have helped fund Georgina on her path to a career in law and we wish her continued success, especially during these difficult times.

“Over the last six years we have given more than 270 Guinness residents Aspire Award grants, helping them to achieve their dreams or to help build better and brighter communities for everyone. The application process is really simple, and we would encourage any Guinness resident to apply.”

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