Guinness helps Cambridgeshire cyclist
ride to success

11 March 2020

Willingham resident Harley Pell is one of our recent recipients of an Aspire Award, helping fund her development as a racing cyclist.

HarleyHarley, who is 17 years old, lives and trains at Oaklands cycling academy in St Albans, the only cycling academy in the UK. However, there is a large financial burden on her mum to pay the residential and travel costs to races, while also supporting Harley’s two brothers.

The Aspire Award in the ‘Your Talent’ category will help Harley leave the academy with a Level 3 BTEC in Sports Science and the opportunity to become a professional racing cyclist.

Harley’s biggest achievement during the 2019 season was that she became National Champion in the Grass Track 5k event.

Harley said: “I’m thrilled to receive this grant which will enable me to continue my training and education at Oaklands. Although I have a Saturday job which helps to support me, the residential fees are expensive, and it’s a lot of money for my mum to find.

I can now continue to have access to the excellent training, sports therapy and physiotherapy at Oaklands. Without the grant it would be difficult to continue to compete at my current  level and to reach the level I aspire too.

Jack Lee, Director of Strategy and Policy, said: “Over the last five years we have given more than 270 Guinness residents Aspire Award grants, helping them to progress their skills and talents, and develop their careers.

“The application process is really simple and we would encourage any Guinness resident to apply. We wish Harley every success and we will be keeping a keen eye on the progress of her cycling career.”

Find out more about our Aspire Award grants which are open to residents, helping with contributions towards education and training courses to build talents, careers, and give back to the community.