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Sal's Shoes

17 June 2020

In the UK, 4 million children are living in shoe poverty, meaning that they are wearing the wrong-size shoes or shoes that are inadequate for their needs. This, as well as being obviously highly impractical, can negatively affect their academic and sporting performance and lead to serious problems with self-esteem, bullying and feelings of isolation. Despite the overwhelming need for footwear, 2 million shoes are sent to landfill every single week in the UK, with each pair taking 100 years to biodegrade.

Sal’s Shoes

salsshoes copySal’s Shoes is in its 6th year of operation and has grown to be the leader in the charitable shoe recycling sector. The premise of the service relies on the fact that children normally outgrow footwear before they outwear them.

The organisation extends its services to 41 countries worldwide, however the need for shoes in England are ever-growing.  Last year saw the charity provide over 300,000 pairs of shoes to children, which were donated by the public, high street shops and various manufacturers.

In recent months, Sal’s Shoes media profile has grown significantly with coverage on Sky and BBC news, radio and also a retweet from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

Guinness investing in inclusive communities

Guinness has always supported inclusive communities, investing in the health, wellbeing and social inclusion of our residents, as well as wider society. When we heard about Sal’s Shoes’s great work in the community, we believed we could help support them by providing a setting in our community hubs that can enable them to expand.

Alistair Smyth, Head of External Affairs at Guinness said:

Guinness is delighted to be working with Sal’s Shoes to help provide footwear to children living in our homes and local communities. Children grow up so quickly and the need for new shoes can seem constant, so we hope we can make a real difference to people’s lives through this project.

This partnership now sees us providing age appropriate footwear, distributed from two Guinness supported community hubs, operating in busy areas. They are based in:

Salford (Open now!)

In Salford, we’ll be working with a long term partner of ours, Emmaus. They support people in working their way out of homelessness, providing meaningful work and a food pantry. A lot of the residents in the area get referred to this community hub from their local schools, which will now have a selection of school shoes and uniform available in their store.

Crewe (Open now!)

The St Paul’s Centre in Crewe is a community hub that supports vulnerable and homeless people by providing food, furniture, bikes and support for those with disabilities as well as those looking for work. This hub will have a permanent store, supplying school shoes to the local residents.

How to donate

If you’d like to donate shoes then you can do so via the Sal’s Shoes website.

Note: they do require a £1/pair monetary donation for the journey of your shoes – this can be paid online via their website. Please use your name on this payment as a reference.

Or you can donate at the centres:



St Paul’s